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Long Term Implications of Shade Balls?

I’m all for utilizing the latest technology to combat the serious drought issues facing our world.  That said, I’m not sure “shade balls” are the best long term strategy as there serious implications to bringing more plastics (which never completely break down) into this world.  Watch the documentary Plastic Paradise for more information on that.

How about we start with a serious commitment to reducing our water usage first?

“Facing a long-term water crisis, officials concerned with preserving a reservoir in Los Angeles hatched a plan: They would combat four years of drought with 96 million plastic balls.

On Monday, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles arrived at the 175-acre Los Angeles Reservoir to release the final installment of the project: 20,000 small black orbs that would float atop the water.

Mr. Garcetti said that the dark balls would help block sunlight and UV rays that promote algae growth, which would help keep the city’s drinking water safe. Officials also said the balls would help slow the rate of evaporation, which drains the water supply of about 300 million gallons a year. The balls cost $0.36 each and are part of a $34.5 million initiative to protect the water supply.”

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